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My name is Rob Vermeer. I was born in Amsterdam in 1946 and I am currently living in Valkenswaard in the Netherlands. .
Apart from painting in oil and acrylic, I started to work with enamel and became a member of the CKI (Creativ-Kreis-International) in 2010. My works can be qualified as a combination of various styles ranging from modern, impressionistic to realistic.
By using a combination of techniques such as enameling, etching, gold plating, painting, photography and film, various forms of art emerge. It is because of these combinations that I have chosen the name Combined Art.
I also followed workshops in acrylic painting and special workshops in enamelling given by Mary Mulder (2010), Andreu Vilasis and Nuria Lopez-Ribalta (2012).
To support my art I have developed the techniques of etching, gold plating, silver plating, nickel plating, copper plating and bronze plating of various metals.