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Goldbrushing is a way of electroplating gold, copper,  and other metals without having to use a tank. A gold plating solution is brushed on and plated by means of an electrical current from the plating machine. The gold in the solution bonds to the article being plated. 24 carat gold can be electronically bonded to virtually
any metallic item. It is also possible to selectively gold plate specific areas of your choice, to create a custom two tone chrome/gold or silver/gold look.
In each and every case the end result is an exquisite 24 carat gold plating with a rich colour and a durable lasting finish.
Goldbrushing can be done on the spot, usually without having to dismantle the parts. The process and the chemicals will not damage painted parts.
The process can be compared to gold plating using a tank, however the plating solution is contained in the special brush. The gold has already been dissolved in the solution. By means of a very pure direct current from a power plating rectifier and by brushing the basic metal with the gold solution,
the gold will be bonded to the metal layer by layer. It is no paint but real 24 carat gold that will be applied.
This also means that fine engravings can be kept.



Is goldbrushing expensive?
NO! Goldbrushing is not as expensive as you might think!
Is gold difficult to maintain?
Gold requires very little maintenance at all. It will not tarnish, rust or corrode. Just wash with a gentle soap. Then apply a light coat of wax. That's it!
How long will the gold plate last?
With proper care and under normal conditions, the gold plate will last many years without peeling, fading or chipping.
What type of material  can be gold plated ?
Most metals can be plated. Any chrome, raw steel, stainless steel, copper, brass, some metal coated plastics, to name a few. Call for details on specific metals.
What type of material cannot  be gold plated?
I cannot directly gold plate non-conductive materials such as glass, plastic, wood, etc. However, if the non-conductive base already has an existing metallic coating, it can sometimes be plated. For example, many of the chrome/plastic grills on cars can be gold plated.
Aluminium, zinc, wood or plastic cannot be plated. Also very small objects and deep engravings cannot be done.



Cars and Motorbikes:
Emblems, grills, fender trim, door handles, antennas, number plate frames, headlight and tail light rims, keys and lock cylinders, wheel hubs, fuel caps, valve covers, pulleys, brackets, bolts, air cleaners, exhaust tips. Covers, parts, nuts, bolts, etc. The possibilities are endless!
Rings, chains, earrings, belt buckles, pendants all types. Note: please do not send carat jewelry as it is already solid gold (10 carat., 14 carat....). These items can be re-finished by a qualified jeweler.
All types (Must be dismantled.)
Golf Clubs:
Gold Plate your favourite putter or make a shiny trophee out of your old gear.
Bells, cleats, winch heads, mast heads, buckles, rims, galley hardware, fuel caps, engine parts (see cars).
Hub caps, nut covers, horns and/or covers, door handles, locks, keys, emblems, rims, chrome switches, musical instruments, scissors.
Household Hardware / Plumbing Fixtures:
Towel racks, door knobs, faucets, basins. (Chrome fixtures are half the cost of brass or gold. Save money and have REAL GOLD for
less Euros!!)
Pet Supplies:
Tags, buckles, collars.
Equestrian Accessories:
Carriage parts, bits, metal parts on bridles, saddles, halters, name plates. Some items may require dismantling.
Catering / Dining Supplies:
Platters, cutlery, silverware.